Will You Play With Me? The Adventures Of Princess Nadia

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It's full. You're sweet and loving and kind and make mommy feel so loved. I notice your beauty.

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You're stunning. But even more beautiful inside which mommy is so proud of. I notice your ferocity. And I love that. I notice your nervousness. You're so positive, so "can-do" that sometimes I forget you get scared too. But every once in a while you get a look and it's a reminder to reassure you. I notice your concern for your siblings.

Remember when you asked me if God answers prayers because your prayer was that Dax "stay this age forever? You tell her you love her and not to be scared. I notice your admiration of daddy. How at dinner when I ask what you're grateful for, you tell me you're grateful for daddy- his muscles, how brave he is, how strong he is, how handsome he is I notice your spirit of adventure.

What a fun life you will have Nadia. Your scrapes and cuts and bruises are beautiful because those scars mean you aren't satisfied to stand on the sidelines. You live life my girl. I notice your positive spirit.

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Everyday is awesome. You may have your moments but most of the time you bring the cheer. I notice you kid. You my dear cannot be hidden or overlooked. You're a star. And you will shine bright in kindergarten. You will learn and grow and play and lead and I get to watch it all happen. I'm a lucky mama to be able to call you mine.

Will You Play With Me?: The Adventures Of Princess Nadia

I love you Nadia and I can't wait to see what this year holds. Happy 1st day of school. Nadi Nod. You'll always be my baby girl--my ray of sunshine. I love you sweet girl. Do you have a small playroom or even corner of a bedroom or living area that serves as a play space? Do you have toys--possibly too many Follow prettyrealblog.

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This lacerating social satire loosely adapts the film by Justin Simien about a group of African-American students managing microaggressions and intraracial infighting at a mostly white Ivy League university. Netflix has a fairly healthy collection of recent Japanese animated series, and a smaller handful of older anime. The creator Michael Schur keeps viewers guessing; but even without the crazy plot-twists, the show provides food for thought.

A handful of home bakers gathers in a tent in the English countryside, where they make baked goods in front of demanding judges and supportive comedians. This thoughtful drama depicts the early years of the digital age, starting in the mids, when personal computers and the internet became an integral part of our everyday lives. Carla Gugino, Elizabeth Reaser, Kate Siegel and Henry Thomas play members of a family who grew up on a lavish estate, occupied by the ghosts of the people who died there.

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As adults, the surviving siblings commiserate about how their lives have been affected by their strange upbringing. Nearly every segment is about how people react when someone in their immediate vicinity behaves rudely or strangely — an astute depiction of how social mores sometimes fail us.

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This spoof of the Latin American soap operas known as telenovelas also wholeheartedly embraces their shtick. The show then gets wilder, with at least one crazy plot twist per episode — all described with breathless excitement by an omnipresent, self-aware narrator. This documentary series follows college football hopefuls who are teetering on the edge of oblivion, trying to bounce back from the academic, discipline and injury problems that derailed their dreams.

Each balances stories about the players with a look at their tutors and coaches, showing how they all must adjust their hopes and expectations. By Seasons 3 and 4, scarcely an episode goes by without some kind of psychic gorilla, giant talking teddy bear, flesh-eating unicorn or summer-camp swamp monster. The British sketch comedy troupe Monty Python combined the cheekiness of old English music hall comics with the surrealism and self-awareness of the psychedelic era.

The live-audience sitcom format allows the actors to carry on conversations at length, like in live theater. There are plenty of snappy teen dramas and sitcoms set among the comfortably middle class and the fabulously wealthy. The awe-inspiring footage illustrates both the wonders of this world and the changes endangering it.

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Its five lifestyle experts still help ordinary folks improve their wardrobe, their grooming, their relationships, their living spaces and their diets. But this time they venture into suburban Atlanta and Kansas City — and in fan-favorite specials, Australia and Japan — where they find the locals warmly receptive to the advice of gay men. Here, the trapped person is a sad-sack software engineer named Nadia played by Natasha Lyonne, who also created the show with Leslye Headland and Amy Poehler ; on the night of her 36th birthday, Nadia keeps dying and rebooting — like a video game character.

The core of this show is the relationship between Holmes and Watson, two broken people who complete each other: one a social misfit, the other shaken up by his military tour in Afghanistan. Burns and Novick dig up the roots, connecting the current state of geopolitics to old mistakes. In the final years of the Clinton Administration and the early years of George W.