The Twig People of Mossdown Woods (Joe and Lucy Storybox)

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Lucie & Joe’s Love Island Journey - Love Island 2019

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He had also taken the unique XP42 formula with him, which he had pioneered by himself. Dr Ahmed told me, that nothing could entice him to divulge the formula. But now he was desperate to continue with the research, and desperate enough to abandon all his heavenly virtues in order to get it. It took four meetings for him to feel secure enough to tell me this. I knew what his line of questioning was leading up to on this occasion.

I looked at him closely through his gold spectacles. His brown smoky eyes had a definite look of determination there was no mistaking that. Apart from this, he outwardly appeared a well groomed middle aged man in a brown tweed coat and cavalry twill trousers. He also wore a Cambridge university tie. A neat side parting in his black trimmed hair, gave the impression of a business-like person who was a well organised meticulous man. One who engaged his mind before he opened his mouth. As we stood at the bar, I caught his fleeting look at me through the optic mirrors.

A clinical smile spread across his eastern face asI turned to look at him.