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In other words, the Americans who most need the GED were blocked by foreign executives seeking to enrich their shareholders. Some states recoiled at the price increase and the computer-only proposition by ACE and Pearson now trademarked as GED Testing Service and put out for bids for other tests. The GED Testing Service is still the exclusive test in about 34 states, but some are offering one of the others or giving a choice to the test-takers.

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  4. The path to opportunity starts here.

California, for example, now offers all three tests. Amid this, state adult education directors and the GED Testing Service insist that the passing rate for test-takers has not dropped precipitously, noting that the pass rate has fallen from 70 percent to the low 60s. In Ohio, for example, about 6, individuals took the test in , compared to about 21, in pre-scurry Illinois went from 27, test-takers in to just 8, last year.

In , two passed. So far this year, just one. Another unintended consequence of this new and much harder test is the extremely low numbers coming out of state prison systems. In Kentucky, for example, in fiscal year the last full year the previous test was given state inmates earned 1, GED diplomas.

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  • Not only are fewer coming out of prison with a GED, they may no longer be getting out early. Making the path to a diploma more difficult is seen by some as working against the rehabilitation function of incarceration. Steurer, executive director of the Correctional Education Association, the largest prison educational organization in the country. The national dialogue on education today is more about universal—and free—community college, tamping down student debt, and even giving federal prisoners access to Pell grants for college education, and less about tapping high school dropouts as a resource and not an embarrassment.

    Over this decade, employment in jobs requiring education beyond a high school diploma will grow more rapidly than employment in jobs that do not; of the 30 fastest-growing occupations, more than half require post-secondary education.

    Pass the GED Test 2019: Study Tip 2 - Reading speed

    They require some college, additional job training or a specialized certification. The GED exam may be more cognitively challenging, but it will continue to test only a subset of the skills necessary for success in life. That, perhaps, is the problem. The crippling cost to the individual is apparent, but less obvious is the cost to an economy with a now-permanent underclass trapped beneath a Scantron ceiling.

    What it did, though, was open the door to people to show what they can do.

    High School Equivalency Test at a Glance

    This new test has closed the door to so many, and that includes people who have had good employment histories and put in the extra hours for studying the test. Bellingham Technical College averaged about 50 students passing the GED test in the years prior to the change, and has had six pass the test so far this year. Show, through a workforce skills assessment, that the old test inadequately prepared people for those jobs. What the new test does not address very well, and perhaps works against, is the coming dearth of qualified workers in middle-skills jobs: nursing, computer technology, manufacturing, and other fields that require some post-secondary education and training—computer skills, yes, but not calculus.

    About half of the U. About 25 million new middle-skill job openings are expected by In Ohio and Pennsylvania, in the Utica and Marcellus natural-gas shale fields, there is a shortage of certified welders for drilling operations.


    Rosado could easily fill one of those jobs and triple his salary—with a GED diploma. He is hoping he will pass the test by the end of this year, and indicated he will continue to study until he does. Present one approved form of proof of residency AND one approved form of identification. The closest testing center is in a different state. Can I take the test there? How do I pay for the test?

    GED Test Subject Specifications--Related Resources

    You will pay for the test online with a debit or credit card when you schedule your test. What do I do?

    How do I request a duplicate transcript and diploma? Am I allowed to combine different language versions of the test together? What happens if I move to a different state in the middle of testing? Can I continue my testing in my new state or do I have to start all over? When your goals are high, a high school diploma isn't enough. The best-paying and often most satisfying jobs require training and education. An HSE certificate opens the doors of trade schools, community colleges, and universities.

    Data Protection Choices

    The federal government set goal that by the year , America will again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world. A higher education is good for the individual, and it's also good for the country. It helps the U. A high school equivalency diploma is the first step for many Americans to participate in that goal.

    There's another benefit, though, that many people don't take into account: feeling good about yourself. Too many smart people feel stupid because they were told they were stupid or because they had problems in school. Too many adults feel left behind because those around them have high school and college diplomas. When adult learners work to get a diploma and succeed, they earn a sense of pride and accomplishment. They learn that they can aim higher than they thought possible.

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