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Kingsley was appalled by the social conditions of the time, and in previous novels had dealt with the rural poor and sweated labour. A weird hybrid of reality, surreal satire and science. But far from being threatened by his ideas, some churchmen had rallied to his cause. Darwin and Kingsley were old friends, and The Water Babies has been described as a slightly distorted mirror version of On the Origin of Species. But while Kingsley had a scientific sensibility, what he construed from nature was rather different from Darwin, who probably moved away from a view of the world and universe as being God-centred.

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Kingsley remained in a God-centred world, although quite an eccentric one. He had a robust and rather masculine enjoyment of nature as a sort of blueprint for the godly life. This included being surprisingly frank about his marriage, and from his writings you can discern he and his wife having an enthusiastic sex life.

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Yet the book remains important. This was an era when churchmen could be national figures as well as parish priests. However, having worked in digital marketing, I also understand what Solution Loans are doing. I've done the same things for clients in the past. As the competition is legitimate, and Solution Loans were good enough to prepare the response above, I will be continuing to list the contest on my website.

Winning writers receive cash prizes, so I don't believe they are being exploited - they are being paid for their stories. I hope this resolves any concerns, but if not, please feel free to contact me. The second table lists well renowned and prestigious competitions which offer big cash prizes. There are a couple of other big prize awards listed in the Regular Short Story Competitions it seems pointless to list them twice. The third table lists yearly competitions of different genres offering a wide variety of prizes, some cash, some not.

The majority offer publication to the winning writers and runners up. Cinnamon Press Short Story Competition. Doris Gooderson Short Story Competition.

Rejected Manuscripts Short Fiction Competition. The fourth table lists writing contests for young writers and children. Some of them have different age categories, so click on the links and be sure to read all the rules. There are sometimes other opportunities for young writers listed in the one-off competitions lists , or on the Flash Fiction competitions page. The fifth table lists one-off short story competitions, which are usually held to commemorate or celebrate a landmark event.

As the list grows, I will add current competitions alphabetically at the top. Contests that have already taken place will be moved to the History of Closed Short Story Competitions below - I think it's nice to keep a history, so I won't delete them. There are a few other websites that offer useful short story competition information. They are listed below:. If you run a list on your website and would like it included here, please get in touch. I've launched pages listing many other publishing opportunities for short stories, flash fiction, poetry, novels and more.

Below are a couple of other publishing opportunities that don't really fit any of the categories above:. Inkitt's Writing Contest offers a fantastic opportunity for stories that are 20, words or more in length. So it's perfect for longer short stories, novellas, novelettes and novels. It's free to sign up to Inkitt.

You can then submit your stories, making them available to their extensive readership. The winning stories are selected based on their popularity with Inkitt 's readers. The winners win cash prizes and are offered a publishing deal with Galatea. You can learn more on my novel and book competition lists. It offers the opportunity for writers to see their work published and make money from it. For reference, when you're spending hours trying to find a competition doesn't exist anymore, I thought I'd keep this handy history of short story competitions that have closed and writing websites that no longer exist.

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I hope it's useful. Notes on Creative Competitor Competitions: These guys run, on average, 2 different writing competitions a month. Comps include short stories, poetry and more. I can't really keep on top of listing all the changes, so the best bet is to visit the website and see what they have running which might appeal to you - WEBSITE NOT updated for a year, so removed listing I removed this listing in after I started receiving complaints about the website, EG:.

Hour of Writes is listed on your website as a weekly competition but it appears to have stopped without announcement and some competition results are nearly three months in arrears. This website has never been well run but over the last few months it's been getting ever more erratic without the owner having the courtesy to properly inform anybody of what's going on and ignoring users' questions.

If you look at the HOW web page you can see a new competition hasn't been posted since about April. Anyway, as you run a great website I often use I thought I'd give you a heads up. The Inspired by Writing website has now disappeared. They have taken money from entrants and not refunded them without seeing the competition through to completion. If this business resurfaces, be very wary of entering the competition - it seems to be run in an unprofessional manner. Here is an update I received from Inspired By Writing in March about a month before the website disappeared :.

We have had an extremely hectic period over the Christmas break on the run up to the February 28th. Unfortunately our original date got pushed back due to our judging panel being changed and not finding the right people to fill these positions prior to their professional calendars being altered and then after having to compensate for suitable replacements. As most of you should know we have now had our original investors back out of the competition, leaving us in a somewhat sticky position on the run up to February.

This is no fault of our own but our ambitions for back to back competitions is now going to have to be put on hold and more importantly, you need to be our first priority. In saying this we have two alternatives we had to think about. Either give all the entrants a full refund or we stick at our search to get other suitable members to fulfil an agreement which was unfortunately not filled by our previous investors.

After long deliberating with other colleagues we have decided to move it one last date to the April 30th If we do not achieve our winner's announcements by then all entries will receive a full refund into their paypal account that they originally entered with. I will finish with a full apology from everybody here at Inspired by Writing for the delay in the announcements. We wasn't anticipating this on our run up to our first competition but it has educated us in a situation which will not happen again in the future. Please use the form below to leave your comments.

All comments will be reviewed so won't appear on the page instantly. I will not share your details with anyone else. Most recent comments appear at the bottom of the page, oldest at the top.

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Best of luck getting the story placed! Tim Thanks for doing this, very nicely laid out and easy to follow salient facts, it is much appreciated. I'm pretty new to short story writing and was looking for comps for a short I've just written. I didn't realise the problems I'd face with it being around 7, words though! Chris Fielden Thanks Tim, yes, there are very few competitions which accept over 5, words. You can try the magazines page as a lot of the US publications take submissions around the 7, word mark.

Perhaps, it could be added to the 'Other short Story Publishing' list. Brenda Thank you for compiling all these contests. The first time I was on this site I thought I saw a contest pertaining to anything to do with horses, but now can't find it. Is it here? John W Hi. I have written 18 short stories for children say 4 to 8 years about a young bear and a hedgehog and their adventures. Perhaps you could recommend suitable competitions I could enter?

Regards, John.

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Chris Fielden Hi John. Harshita N Thanx for providing so many opportunities on a single page. Harshita, I will list any short story competitions from any country there is one Egyptian one listed but I need to know about them! If there are any you know of that you'd like listed here, please tell me. Richard B I just wanted to say thanks. Jan e B Hi Chris - your list is most useful, thank you. Bristol Prize has a word max of 4, rather than 3,ooo according to the website.

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Chris Fielden Thanking you Jane, much appreciated - I have updated the details accordingly Pamela A Wonderful, comprehensive listings - thank you very much. I've wasted too much time compiling lists instead of focusing on writing - procrastinating and getting too tidy! Cheers and good health, Pamela. Russell S Your site is an excellent resource for someone such as myself looking to get on that tricky first rung of the publishing ladder.

They have had to postpone their first issue in order to allow more submissions. It is to be writer voted i. I think it's a great concept and would be grateful if you could help spread the word by adding it to your list.