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In my youth, she was a symbol borne of an iconic …. Tim Robbins opined that there were two types of people: Those who, upon hearing that a storm is coming, simply …. This week, we decided to reintroduce one of our archived, popular blogs. Let us know what you think! Employees are …. By Guest Blogger: Michael J.

The Lawyer Taking on ‘Pervs, Psychos, and Trolls’

Lentz, Esquire The other day, a friend sent me a mass e-mail containing a document …. He died on April 1, , but …. Beautiful day, …. Not long ago, I released a Podcast exploring employee motivation beyond money. In his book, Drive, Daniel Pink asserted that, given …. In my post on February 1, , I wrote about the benefits of dating before one gets married. I was writing ….

A few years back, CNN ran a story about a Pennsylvania woman mauled by a pet bear that she kept …. I have this very clear memory of standing with parents and incredibly excited children on the sideline of a windswept …. Did you know that the typical 5-year-old asks 65 questions a day, while the typical year-old asks only six? Children …. In a disturbing development, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that an employee may take confidential files for the purpose ….

Yesterday at , I found myself sitting in our conference room across from a very interesting gentleman. He was in his …. Because it is almost inevitable that when …. After 20 years, he fired us. Said …. My wife is a product of Oregon. Years ago, when …. My client was a car guy…and he was terrific. A gifted mechanic, to say he loved what he did was an …. A few weeks ago, I discussed several different methods of financing a new business or providing for the ongoing capital …. I have this recurring nightmare. There …. Yesterday, we received the catalog from Despair.

Yesterday, I found myself at a traffic light behind a company truck. The truck belonged to and advertised a dog …. It is a simple lesson learned by those good at what they do. Two months ago, our copier vendor called to tell us that our lease was almost up. The purpose of the …. I hate meetings. To me, they usually seem like 5 minutes of substance packed into 2 hours.

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In fact, the …. My oldest son was became a Bar Mitzvah on Friday, June 30th. In addition to the religious significance, many aspects …. As some readers may know, my sons are both involved in scouting. My 13 year old is a Star Scout, working ….

Hehe Haha - Funny Clean Lawyer Jokes

I fired a client this morning. If pressed by a judge in some fictitious courtroom for legal authority, I would cite …. The comedienne, Paula Poundstone once said that adults ask children what they want to be when they grow up, not …. In order for an improvised ….

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Early this morning, after Hurricane Sandy ravaged much of the East Coast, my wife and I awoke to find our …. In line this morning to vote, I heard a man explaining to the person behind him how President Obama wants …. A few years ago, never mind how many, I was compelled to take action by a barrage of Comcast commercials. The …. My wife often asks me why I …. The Baltimore Ravens stopped time with two minutes to go by signing Ray Rice to an extended contract just before ….

I used to write a lot of job descriptions. It seemed for a while that every company worth its salt …. Picture your best customer in your mind.

Attorney Reveals Major Legal Issues with Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics

Who is it? Is it the customer who has paid you the most money …. This event, more than any other, …. Over the long weekend, I had a chance to do something I almost never do — I spent time on …. Every month, I ask our Empty Hourglass Clients to meet with me, free of charge, so that I can keep …. Which is not …. This past week, 80 separate brain-related lawsuits against the NFL, involving approximately 2, former players, were consolidated into one legal ….

Over the past six weeks, I have been teaching a graduate level business law course for the Johns Hopkins University …. Former Penn State assistant football coach Mike McQueary filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the university. McQueary alleges that, rather than having …. Guest Blogger: Michael J. That ….

If you have even a remote interest in college basketball, you know the name John Wooden. In a society in …. We all know the resolution drill. The new year marks the welcome of new beginnings and a commitment to resolutions …. Not long ago, I was on a plane, giving some serious thought to the business applications of Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, …. The addition or removal of a principal in any business, especially one with fewer than employees, is one of ….

CNNMoney reported this week that your weekly dry-cleaning bill may be in line for a dramatic increase. The reason? Hangers represent ….

Hope is motivation. It is vital to life…or at least a life well-lived. Each new day is suffused with the hope of …. In the last 12 months, my firm helped our clients close transactions and manage litigation in Maryland, New York, New ….

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I visited Ground Zero on April 21st. Even the process of getting to the memorial added grace to the experience. Final payment will be rendered upon …. A week or so ago, I came across a story in the legal press that reminded me of something I …. Some people can close their eyes and see every detail of what they want to create. I have a client like …. One could easily tell that …. Perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of drafting documents relating to corporate transactions is the function of the documents ….

Scope of Work Termination …. Last year, we fired a few clients and one fired us. I learned from each — which I think is the …. It will convene in the restrooms, at the …. Several years ago, I was helping one of my clients go head-to-head in a trademark dispute with furniture manufacturer Steelcase, …. When time is running short and they need an answer, the lawyers in my office will caution me against responding ….

The cries of the aggrieved always seem to drown out the echoes of the final whistle.