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I wasn't disappointed. She's also only a kid. Two decades later he published the volume under review, ostensibly his second major work of philosophy. Will she ever make it back to the future. It's brave and necessary and relevant in that it steers us into a contemplation of the world's beauties by forcing us to consider their extinction.

It just goes to show us that we are creators of our situations. Don't get me wrong, the dogs were mighty cute, but I'd like to see some more variety with the animals next time.

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It seemed to be a large establishment, so he decided to see if they had a decent restroom. When he walked inside, he was amazed to see that the room was filled from wall to wall with large electronic machines. They were brightly colored and were making all kinds of strange sounds.

At first he thought they might be video games, like the ones young Leosha played at home, but he soon saw an older gentleman cheer briefly as his machine began to spit out several coins and he realized that this was some form of computerized gambling. The men playing the games were a strange sight. They sat slovenly at their machines, never taking their eyes off the screen, and pushed the buttons robotically, as if it were a tiresome job rather than a leisurely activity.

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He was too fascinated to leave, however, so he took a seat next to an older gentleman in a long gray coat and watched him play on the machine. This particular machine was simulating some kind of card game and Jesus Josephovich watched with interest as the man chose his cards and pressed the big red button that would determine his fate. The man cleared his throat uncomfortably when the strange foreigner sat next to him and started watching his game. He shuffled nervously in his seat and glared at Jesus Josephovich from the corner of his eye, wondering what the foreigner wanted.

The man grimaced and spoke without taking his eyes off the screen.

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He pulled out a small bill and put it into the machine. The electronic screen flashed several cards. He pushed a few buttons and then pushed the big red button that he had seen the other gambler push to end the round. Suddenly the machine lit up and made a joyful trumpeting sound as the number of credits increased. He had won. The gambler cleared his throat and sighed.

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Jesus Josephovich examined the machine with increased interest and pressed the buttons again. He won again. The foreigner had already quadrupled his money.

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He pressed some buttons on his machine and it began ringing cheerfully once more. Jesus Josephovich considered his statement. Nothing that will last. No new knowledge, no new skills, no pride in accomplishing something great or difficult, no joy in helping another person. The gambler frowned. Ebooks and Manuals

Jesus Josephovich shook his head. That is his nature, and we are like him. We cannot be content sitting around doing nothing forever. It is against our nature. Create something. Build something. Help someone. Then you will begin to understand your nature and what will truly make you happy forever. The man stared at Jesus Josephovich for a long moment with bewildered eyes. Jesus pressed a few buttons on his machine and won again, for the fourth time in a row. The gambler was astounded.

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At the end of your life, do you really want to say that you lived every moment for money? Is that a life? The gambler watched as the foreigner pressed the buttons and chose a few cards. Jesus Josephovich shot him a serious glance, and the man stopped talking and put his hands in the air humbly.