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Francis of Assisi , whose order was known for following the teachings of Christ and walking in his footsteps. Thus, upon joining the order, Franciscans gave away all possessions and focused on preaching in the streets to the common man.

Three Holy Fools

Saint Juniper , an early follower of the Franciscan order, was known for taking the doctrine of the Franciscans to the extreme. Whenever anyone asked for any of his possessions, he freely gave them away, including his clothes. He once even cut off the bells from his altar-cloth and gave them to a poor woman. While such behaviors were embarrassing to his brothers, he was also recognized as a pure example of the Franciscan order and thus esteemed.

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The most famous of these is the story of how Brother Juniper cut off the foot of a pig to give it to a sick brother. Upon the sick brother's request for a pig's foot, Brother Juniper took a kitchen knife and ran into the forest, where he saw a herd of swine feeding.

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There, he quickly cut the foot off of one of the swine and carried it back to the brother, leaving the swine to die. This angered the herdsman, who complained to Saint Francis. Saint Francis confronted Brother Juniper, who joyfully exclaimed, "It is true, sweet father, that I did cut off the swine's foot.

I will tell thee the reason. I went out of charity to visit the brother who is sick. The yurodivy is a Holy Fool, one who acts intentionally foolish in the eyes of men. The term implies behaviour "which is caused neither by mistake nor by feeble-mindedness, but is deliberate, irritating, even provocative.


In his book Holy Fools in Byzantium and Beyond , Ivanov described "holy fool" as a term for a person who "feigns insanity, pretends to be silly, or who provokes shock or outrage by his deliberate unruliness. The Eastern Orthodox Church holds that holy fools voluntarily take up the guise of insanity in order to conceal their perfection from the world, and thus avoid praise.

Some characteristics that were commonly seen in holy fools were going around half-naked, being homeless , speaking in riddles , being believed to be clairvoyant and a prophet , and occasionally being disruptive and challenging to the point of seeming immoral though always to make a point. They strive to pre-empt this contempt through exaggerated self-humiliation, and following such displays they let it be known both that their behaviors were staged and that their purpose was to disguise their superiority over their audience.

However, the term was not popularized until the coming of Symeon of Emesa , who is considered to be a patron saint of holy fools. The practice was recognised in the hagiography of fifth-century Byzantium, and it was extensively adopted in Muscovite Russia , probably in the 14th century. The madness of the Holy Fool was ambiguous, and could be real or simulated. He or she was believed to have been divinely inspired, and was therefore able to say truths which others could not, normally in the form of indirect allusions or parables.

He had a particular status in regard to the Tsars , as a figure not subject to earthly control or judgement. The first reported fool-for-Christ in Russia was St. Procopius Prokopiy , who came from the lands of the Holy Roman Empire to Novgorod , then moved to Ustyug , pretending to be a fool and leading an ascetic way of life slept naked on church-porches, prayed throughout the whole night, received food only from poor people. He was abused and beaten, but finally won respect and became venerated after his death.

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In The Way of God's Will , a collection of sayings popular among church members, Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon is quoted as saying: "We leaders should leave the tradition that we have become crazy for God. But what about their silence upon leaving the tomb?

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Were the women paralyzed by their shock? Did they fear being labeled fools? Mark leaves us wondering what the women will do, and more importantly, leaves us with the mystery of the empty tomb unsolved. The women did eventually tell the good news. The resurrection of Christ is a sacred belief for Christians, but it is also a sacred promise. That nothing is so far gone that God cannot retrieve it.

That God can pull us out of those places that entrap us. That in times of deep joy and times of darkest pain, God is with us, always with us. Do we really believe this?

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Your Easter miracle offers us life in the face of death, hope in the face of despair, and joy in the face of sadness. May your Spirit open our eyes to the deep truth of your wondrous work in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Offer new life we pray, to those places on earth where death and violence predominate.

Offer new life we pray, to those places in our lives that seem dead and hopeless. Offer new life we pray, to your church that we might fulfill your mission for us. And now, O God, send us forth this day with the miracle of Easter, the hope of new life, deep down in our souls. Through Jesus Christ our risen Lord we pray. April 1, Jimmy Only.

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Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Featured Posts. January 11, Recent Posts. Father's Day Reflections. June 16, May 26, May 12, May 5, April 28, April 21, April 14, April 7, When you are dressed as a clown, you have made yourself vulnerable as a figure of joy, you are seen as being open and approachable. All new holy fools are amazed at how differently they are treated in costume and makeup; everyone is more open to you.

Sergey A. Ivanov

Although the holy fool carries a serious message, it must not be forgotten what fun, joy and laughter clowns can bring to a sad world. We can perform anywhere and being a holy fool is a great way to connect with the public. Made with by Graphene Themes. The holy fool can do all this but hopefully goes further.

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