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Publication: Die Hunde der Hölle

All anyone truly knows is that Bloodhound is a force to be reckoned with in the Apex Games. Bloodhound's abilities in Apex Legends focus primarily around being able to track and locate potential enemies nearby. You can see our complete breakdown on each of Bloodhound's abilities below.

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The Eye of Allfather allows you to briefly reveal hidden enemies, traps, and clues throughout structures in front of you. Bloodhound's Tracker ability allows you to see all tracks left behind by your opponents in the past 60 seconds. Bloodhound can track enemy footsteps, door use, damage taken, players killed, and any items or weapons picked up. Best utilized when tracking and locating nearby enemies, Bloodhound plays an integral part to any team in Apex Legends, as relaying all enemy information will help ensure that your team always has the advantage of knowing your enemies whereabouts or last known location.

This information can not only significantly effect the overall outcome of the match, but it can also dictate your teams strategies and method of ambush.

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Lucky Charm Scales of Justice Sizzle Reel Snakeskin Sunsetter Tartan Fleece Tight Rope Timberland Tropic Streak Warlord Woodland Warfare Greatness Awaits February Arctic Hunter Level Fiber Optics Glowing Viral Hack the System Heat Sync Neural Net Master of the Hunt. Imperial Warrior 1, Royal Guard 1, The Plague Doctor 1, The Runekeeper 1, Great Winter 10, Needs Imperial Warrior.

The Centurion. Protector of the Patch. The Intimidator.

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Ravenous Level True Warrior Level Sign In. From Apex Legends Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Each day brings me closer to honoring my felagi fighters who have put their lives ahead of my own. For them, I am prepared to face every challenge no matter what form the beast of the night chooses to take.

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As the prey stalks, the hunter hunts. Trust in nature, trust in yourself - that is the path to victory.

Eye of the Allfather Type Tactical Cooldown 35 seconds Description Briefly reveal hidden enemies, traps, and clues throughout structures ahead of you. Beast of the Hunt Type Ultimate Charge time seconds Description Enhances your senses, allowing you to move faster and highlighting your prey. Original Default.

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Main article: Loading Screens. If the gods will it, we will vinna.

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  4. I will shed bloth and honor the Allfather. The battle begins may the gods bless it. I fall only when the gods will it. Have you prepared for your end?

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    I have. I am the hunter the gods have sent. Consider it an honor.